404 About - Team Callaway


What is Team Callaway?

Team Callaway is Callaway Golf’s exclusive Ambassador program aimed at supporting and rewarding our brand’s most avid and loyal on-course supporters. The program has been designed to recognise the efforts of Staff Professionals that are passionate about Callaway and best represent and support our brand at retail.

Team Callaway members are seen as the Callaway experts in the industry, at on-course. The program consists of over 120 members located in 100 different courses in Australia and New Zealand, and is made up of three categories: Icon, Maverick and Visionary.

Being part of Team Callaway provides members with exclusive benefits designed specifically to maximize both business and professional growth opportunities, from in-store merchandising to prioritised level of service offered to respective club members.

Team Callaway members are privy to exclusive information and comprehensive training sessions, which ensures they provide the most premium standard of service to their members regarding Callaway product. With extensive product knowledge combined with a deep understanding of Callaway’s fitting philosophy, you can be confident that you’ll receive the right clubs for your game.


How does Team Callaway benefit you, the golfer?

Team Callaway members are seen as the experts, at on-course, regarding all aspects of Callaway Golf.

Not only do they house a wide variety of Callaway products, their knowledge of the Callaway range is extensive and they are exclusively trained in Callaway’s fitting philosophy, ensuring an unprecedented and insightful fitting experience for the consumer.

The elevated customer service and prioritised shipping benefits provided by Callaway to its Team Callaway members certifies that golfers at Team Callaway clubs/courses receive the highest quality of care in all service matters; from ordering new purchases to resolving any product/warranty issues.

If you’re considering Callaway Golf for your next golf purchase, you can be certain that when you purchase from a Team Callaway member, you’ll be provided the highest quality of service as well as receive the right clubs for your game.


Team Callaway Philosophy.

Visionary. Maverick. Icon. Our founder, Ely Callaway, was an entrepreneur with big ideas. A man with great integrity and a great friend to many. His energy and enthusiasm for golf and life were unsurpassed.

His Demonstrably Superior, Pleasingly Different (DSPD) philosophy lives on in the Company he built and his enduring impact can be traced to the innovative, groundbreaking Callaway products that bear his name today.

Team Callaway stays true to this philosophy by offering its members an industry-leading DSPD program for our brand’s most loyal, energetic and enthusiastic supporters.

Team Callaway is our way of bringing brand advocates into the Callaway family and helping us achieve our goal of empowering passionate golfers to play better golf.